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14th june 2020, 8 business idea in recession

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About us

about the guru’s: We “the guru’s” family is on existence and known for innovation from Last 17 years on this globe and distributing technology, inspiring innovation, supporting creativity, sharing Ideas, nurturing minds, spreading knowledge and pulling out diamond (finding passion and identifying distinct forte)out of every human being to make this earth a better living place.


Our Mission

To transform lives struggling to get the right path by identifying their passion/ distinct forte and boosting/multiplying it. Then getting this passion to profession so that world will follow. Guiding/helping medium and small-scale entrepreneurs and institutes to achieve their targets through mentoring, technology or guiding through motivation so that everybody on this earth can achieve more than their targets to make this globe a better living place.


Our Vision

To make the guru’s world’s largest training company to spread a depth understanding of the vision to people for their targets, values of life and humanity to make this globe a better living place